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While our music is mostly blues based, most of the songs written do not follow a standard 12-bar blues progression. The music mostly centers itself around matters that are important to me: my son, love, life observations and the like.Instrumentally, it is very much an intent expression of myself flowing through the guitar. When I play guitar, I lose myself — in the energy I am able to give to the audience, and the energy they give right back to me. Sometimes when I get caught up in the moment, I will play the guitar in unique ways; I play with my tongue, or with the guitar behind my back.What sets my band and myself apart from other bands is that I play every song like my life depends on it, like I would die if I didn’t do so.

My primary influences are some of the blues greats, such as B.B. King, Howling Wolf, Buddy Guy, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Austin’s own Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I don’t do this for the money. I have a good career in medicine (emergency room physician), and actually taught myself to play while going through medical school. I even used to carry my guitar to the rooms of my patients and play for them. I do this because music is my passion and my obsession. I have it in me, and I want to share it.


The Band

194981_493500297383843_197499806_o Trent Turner
Born in Amarillo and moved to Austin at the age of 10. He discovered the blues when he started medical school in his early 20’s, and made a pound connection with it. Throughout medical school and residency, his guitar became his companion. During his medical residency in Houston, he discovered the Houston blues scene and dove head first into it.

Later, he moved to Austin after his residency was completed, and formed his band: Trent Turner and the Moontowers. He plays as thought his life depends on it, dedicating his life to his music, guitar, and the songs he writes.

He is the proud father of Cyrus Turner who is the drummer in the band these days.



Allen Daniell
Born in Amarillo as well, Allen was the original bass player for Trent Turner and the Moontowers when it all began. However, Allen left to pursue other musical ventures for about seven years and came back to the band in 2012. He is an amazing all around musician, and has a superb ear. He is also a budding star on the regional triathlon scene.




Cyrus Turner
Born in 1997, Cyrus is a very talented guitar player in his own right and plays drums for Trent Turner and the Moontowers. Cyrus gets it – that music is all about the expression of feeling, and takes great pride in putting on the best show possible every single time. 

Cyrus is also one of the top golfers in his age bracket in the U.S.




Billy Badass (2009)
Bad Soul Brother (2006)
Children of Divorce (2003)


Where to Find Us



When it comes to absolutely passionate live performances, interaction with the audience and earning fans with sweat and blood, few come close to bluesman Trent Turner.
-Gabino Iglesias
(Austin Post)




If every day I was able to be that passionate about my coaching and my swimmers understood and appreciated their talent the way Trent was playing the guitar at that moment in time THE SKY WOULD BE THE LIMIT!
-Sergio Lopez Miro




…Upon entering we were aghast at the sight of this very clean cut looking musician, working his guitar like no other blues artist I had ever seen. At one point in the set he was on his knees playing the guitar with his tongue with incredible precision. Some ladies were very excited watching this part of the show. The sound was superb and his guitar skills were unsurpassed as he played with the guitar behind his back and sang.
-The Adventure Guy




“That’s Trent Turner,” the bartender told me as the guitar continued to wail. “He usually plays here Friday nights. He’s a doctor—he’s got a general practice nearby—but he just comes in and plays. A real good guy.” And a real good guitar player; fans of the late Stevie Ray Vaughn will be pleased.
-Jim Fusilli
(Wall Street Journal)

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