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  1. trent
    This is Pete Wagner I would sincerely like to take some time to go over my last recording and video of your last concert at Friends
    the manager. Trevor, said he would be happy to do a more professional 16 track when you played next, but that was 2 months ago and i haven’t seen you there.
    I think a live recording would be a inexpensive way to get you down on cd for booking and promotion and income for you
    I would be happy to contribute my time equipment and a good engineer to do this right. i would love to get some horns on your tunes and add in things that could make it a great recording like duets and some of your friends.
    I have been a part time musician, sometimes manager and friend of Antone’s both Cliff(grew up with him in Austin in the 70’s) and Susan. they are opening in 60 days in their new club (if everything with the city goes right) and i would love to know what your short and long term plans are. Your talent and showmanship are things that set you out form the hundreds of musicians i have listened to over the years hear and I would love to be a help in getting you to the tour level if you are interested.
    pete wagner 512 962-9351

  2. What is the best way to find out when new gigs are announced? I missed the last one(moontower) by one day. Was playing volleyball there competitively the day after and it blew my mind to find out that they were there the day before. “My baby like to mow the lawn when the grass grows..!!!!”

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